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Functional Fitness approach

Total Revolution Fitness: A Functional Fitness Approach

What is functional fitness?

Something is functional when it is designed to have a practical use that contributes to the development or maintenance of a larger whole. In the words of Gym Jones founder Mark Twight, exercise is functional when it is transferrable to the actual task. A functional fitness approach therefore focuses on actual fitness in relation to an environment rather than the mere appearance of fitness. Strength, power and mobility are entangled concepts that are brought full circle with notions of recovery, breath and mindfulness. The mind shapes the body. The body itself is a reflection of the mind.

What is the task?

Grasping a functional approach to fitness is much easier when one trains as a specialist such as a professional athlete. Goals are clear and the actual task is easily transferrable through the personal guidance of a coach. Yet not all of us are professional athletes. The first questions to ask are then:
•   What is the task?
•   What are your goals?
•   To what actual task should your functional regime be transferrable?
These are important personal questions that need to be considered. They determine outcomes and commitment to a process.

The mind is primary

At Total Revolution our broad view of the whole in relation to function is that the mind is primary. It is first and foremost the environment in relation to which your body is positioned. We all have a personal history that determines our world-view. Your world-view determines your beliefs and ultimately constructs your ideal image of yourself. When you decide to go through a transformative process such as acquiring and maintaining a fitness routine, the body becomes the reflection of the actual task, the molding or remolding of the mind. The physical manifestation of strength, power and mobility are then reflections of a greater process of a mental realignment.

Back to basics…

At Total Revolution we believe that by mastering basic physical movements you form the foundation for developing more complex and creative fitness regimes that challenge the mind through the body as vehicle. By focusing on fundamental movements attentive to posture, body-alignment, breath and process you increase efficiency, performance and transformative adaptation while decreasing the chances of injury. The ultimate goal is for you to develop an intimate knowledge of your body, its abilities and the endless possibilities of living a healthy life through enhanced mental and physical awareness.