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Corporate Gym Solutions

Corporate Gym Solutions in Techno Park

CEOs and other C-suite executives across the globe have become acutely aware of how employee health and wellness impact their bottom line. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Wellness programmes benefit business objectives on multiple levels. They help decrease absenteeism by boosting general health, or help increase productivity by ensuring better mental agility.

Total Revolution Fitness is a boutique functional fitness gym situated in the heart of Techno Park. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing functional fitness solutions to corporate clientele, we have optimised our services to suit the needs of professionals working in a corporate environment. We offer two unbeatable corporate gym solutions that speak directly to your company’s health and wellness needs. These options save you and your employees time and money!

1. The Corporate Retainer

Regular exercise has proven health benefits. Time is illusive and the thought of exercising before or after work can add more stress than it is worth. Why waste precious time traveling to and from the gym when you can spend that time with your family and friends? If you are a company situated in Techno Park, you can make fitness easy for your employees. Support their physical and mental agility in the form of a Corporate Retainer. We are offering convenience at a great rate. You won’t look back!

With TRF’s Corporate Retainer you get 50% discount on the number of staff on the programme. For example, if the standard gym membership is R400/month and you have 30 staff members, then you will only pay R200/month per member. In other words, you will be invoiced for only R6000/month excluding VAT!

Our central location and full range of customised services – fitness classes, biokinetics, nutrition, physiotherapy and corporate wellness consultations – make us the perfect partner for your company’s wellness needs. Each member will gain access to the gym and its group classes (excl. Functional Intense Training) as well as the pool at Protea Hotel.

Add monthly testing and feedback for everyone on the programme to that, as well as feedback to HR, and you have yourself a comprehensive wellness package.

2. The Corporate Gym

Corporate gyms are the foundation of a corporate wellness programme. Gyms represent the physical-fitness side of a wellness drive. They are a convenient and accessible means for employees to pursue their fitness goals, a space for relaxation or an outlet for frustration, and can be a place where relationships are built to buttress company cohesion.

Let’s say you were willing to spend the R6000/month on a corporate retainer to support your wellness needs. Why not offer your employees a customsed gym solution right on your premises? For the same monthly spend, TRF’s specialists will come directly to you, do a needs analysis, and then provide a concept design specifically catering to your needs. In this model, you rent a customised in-house gym that saves more time and makes it easier for employees to stay active.

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Without your workforce, your company is but a shell. Employees are a valuable commodity. You should invest in their health and wellness. Nothing is finite, we offer options. Let’s talk about your exact needs.

Increase your wellness options – contact us today!

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