Functional Intense Training

FIT is a comprehensive exercise programme geared towards strengthening your entire body, while increasing your cardiovascular abilities. Push, pull, jump and stretch your way to new heights in physical fitness. There is no better way to burn fat while retaining muscle. Make everyday count. Let’s #GetFIT today!


Functional training refers to mechanically sound and safe physical exercises that mimic movements we perform in our everyday lives. Functional exercises help to condition you to cope with the physical and mental stress of modern living. Your body learns to better perform daily activities and so doing avoid inhibiting injuries.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a superior form of fitness programming designed to increase physical ability while burning large amounts of calories in a shorter amount of time! HIIT seamlessly combines cardio, strength and power to offer you the ultimate fitness experience in less time. Just 30min can burn between 450-900 calories, with an additional burn of up to 48 hours post-workout! Less time in the gym means more time with your friends, family or pets. That’s great!


Our coaches are highly qualified trainers with the ability to take each individual into account when leading a class. They maintain a safe and energetic environment while imparting knowledge that is guaranteed to improve your capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

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Functional Intense Training (FIT)


    Trainers: Johanni, Arno, Nicholas, Gideon


    Monday to Friday


    Top Floor, Total Revolution Fitness